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The International Society of Exercise and Immunology

ISEI is short for International Society of Exercise and Immunology.

ISEI is the world wide connecting chain for all researchers interested in exercise and immunology.

ISEI members are immunologists, hematologists, biochemists, exercise physiologists, physicians, traumatologists and many others.

ISEI organizes biannual international scientific conventions.

ISEI enables fast and easy communication among members.

ISEI provides information about members and their research projects.

ISEI is the platform for your questions and answers.

ISEI lets you meet nice people all over the globe.

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  Currently, ISEI has members in 72 countries.
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Registration for the ISEI symposium

The registration link in the ISEI symposium website does not work at this time.
In the meantime, please send registration emails to The ISEI team will contact you ASAP.
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The 14th ISEI symposium

Is to be held in Shanghai, China, november 7-10, 2019 (please note changed dates).
Click here for further information and visit the new symposium website.
Looking forward seeing you in China!