International Society of Exercise and Immunology (ISEI)


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Exercise and Immunology


The short story about ISEI


The International Society of Exercise and Immunology (ISEI) is devoted to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information. Providing current practical and valid information to the scientfic community is ISEI's primay focus. Expecially research directed towards the improvement of health, prevention and treatment of disease through physical activity is of central interest, because this is in favor of the whole community.


The ISEI was founded in 1993 by 16 researchers of various disciplines. All of them were and are still dedicated to exercise immunology as a basic science. ISEI now has hundreds of members from all over the world.


The ISEI is governed by an elected board of directors. The board is elected biannually in connection with the ISEI symposiums.


Member of the ISEI may become all individuals with professional interest in exercise immunology. The multidisciplinarity of the ISEI members is one of ISEI's advantages.
ISEI membership is free.
Particularly students are asked to join us. Members get immediate access to information about other members, information about the biannual international meetings organized by ISEI and a local organiziation, a free copy of the Exercise Immunology Review and much more.