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Read the 25rd volume of Exercise Immunology Review!

25rd volume of Exercise Immunology Review (the EIR 2019 issue) has now been published, download and read it here today!
EIR is keeping one the top positions of the league table for sport and exercise related journals (Impact Factor: 7.1).

  • Exercise and immune system as modulators of intestinal microbiome: implications for the gut-muscle axis hypothesis
    Andrea Ticinesi, Fulvio Lauretani, Claudio Tana, Antonio Nouvenne, Erminia Ridolo, Tiziana Meschi

  • Neuroimmunological and Neuroenergetic Aspects in Exercise-Induced Fatigue
    Sebastian Proschinger and Jens Freese

  • Inflammatory features of obesity and smoke exposure and the immunologic effects of exercise
    Helena Angelica Pereira Batatinha, Jose Cesar Rosa Neto, Karsten Kr├╝ger

  • Hallmarks of Improved Immunological Responses in the Vaccination of More Physically Active Elderly Females
    Glenn Choon Lim Wong, Vipin Narang, Yanxia Lu, Xavier Camous, Ma Shwe Zin Nyunt, Christophe Carre, Crystal Tan, Chin Hui Xian, Joni Chong, Michelle Chua, Wilson How, Esther Mok, Paul Tambyah, Michael Poidinger, Brian Abel, Nicolas Burdin, Laurence Quemeneur, Nabil Bosco, Tze Pin Ng, Anis Larbi

  • T and B cell subsets differentially correlate with amyloid deposition and neurocognitive function in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment after one year of physical activity
    Katherine Poinsatte, Emily E Smith, Vanessa O Torres, Sterling B Ortega, Ryan M Huebinger, C Munro Cullum, Nancy L Monson, Rong Zhang, Ann M Stowe

  • Type 1 diabetes impairs the mobilisation of highly-differentiated CD8+ T cells during a single bout of acute exercise
    Michelle Curran, John Campbell, Mark Drayson, Rob Andrews, Parth Narendran

  • Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Molecular Aspects of Asthma: Involvement of SOCS-JAK-STAT
    Almeida-Oliveira AR, Aquino-Junior JCJ, Abbasi A, Santos-Dias A, Oliveira-Junior MC, Alberca-Custodio RW, Rigonato-Oliveira NC, Salles-Dias LP, Damaceno-Rodrigues NR, Caldini EG, Arantes-Costa FM, Ligeiro-Oliveira AP, Belvisi MG, Vieira RP

The 14th ISEI symposium

Is to be held in Shanghai, China, november 7-10, 2019 (please note changed dates).
Click here for further information and visit the new symposium website.
Looking forward seeing you in China!