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EIR 24 volumne 24 • 2018 is out!

Table of Contents

• The Role of Exercise and Hyperlipidaemia in Breast Cancer Progression - Linda A. Buss and Gabi U. Dachs

• Anxiety and perceived psychological stress play an important role in the immune response after exercise - Jason P . Edwards, Neil P . Walsh, Bethany C. Diment and Ross Roberts

• Effects of lifelong training on senescence and mobilization of T lymphocytes in response to acute exercise - Luciele G. Minuzzi, Luís Rama, Matheus Uba Chupel, Fátima Rosado, João Valente dos Santos, Richard Simpson, António Martinho, Artur Paiva, Ana M. Teixeira

• Aerobic exercise inhibits acute lung injury: from mouse to human evidence Exercise reduced lung injury markers in mouse and in cells - Nicole Cristine Rigonato-Oliveira, BreAnne MacKenzie, Andre Luis Lacerda Bachi, Manoel Carneiro Oliveira-Junior, Alana Santos-Dias, Maysa Alves Rodrigues Brandao-Rangel, Humberto Delle, Tamara Costa-Guimaraes, Nilsa Regina Damaceno-Rodrigues, Larissa Hilário Dulley, Marcela Anhesini Benetti, Christiane Malfitano, Kátia de Angelis, Regiane Albertini, Ana Paula Ligeiro Oliveira, Asghar Abbasi, Hinnak Northoff, Rodolfo Paula Vieira

• Microparticles and Exercise in Clinical Populations - Patrick J Highton, Naomi Martin, Alice C Smith, James O Burton, Nicolette C Bishop

• Toll like receptor expression induced by exercise in obesity and metabolic syndrome: A systematic review - Isabel Rada, Louise Deldicque, Marc Francaux, Hermann Zbinden-Fonce

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