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Exercise Immunology Review

How to submit a manuscript

Exercise Immunology Review - The ISEI journal The annual submission deadline is July 31st.

The Exercise Immunology Review (EIR) journal usually solicits papers from authors with acknowledged expertise in the field to be covered. Unsolicited papers will be considered and can also be accepted. All papers are subject to a peer review process. Usually the manuscripts will fit into one of two major categories:

1. A review which thoroughly covers the area indicated in the heading and includes structuring and critical discussion of existing knowledge and, if possible, the ideas of the authors about potential practical consequences and future developments. Mere mentioning and listing of existing literature is not considered to be a good review. The review can be long, if necessary, or short, if the field covered by the heading is relatively new or very focussed.

2. A paper showing original data accompanied by an extended, review-type discussion. The general format of the review is somewhat flexible. A review must however have an abstract, an introduction and a conclusion around the main sections. Reviews with three or more sections should list the headings of the sections in form of a bullet point table at the end of the introduction. Longer sections should also give a short interim summary at their end. If substantial amounts of the authors' own new data are to be shown, a section on methods and on results must be included. Data will only be accepted, if methods are stated clearly and appropriate statistical evaluation of results is given.

Other types of papers, e.g. true meta-analyses of a circumscribed sector of literature or papers focussing on new ideas or hypotheses may also be considered.

A short running head should appear after the title, followed by the authors and their respective affiliations. The full address of correspondence should include an e-mail address of the correspondent author.

Up to five key words should be added after the abstract.

For reference style use the one as applied by Journal Applied Physiology, with references listed in alphabetical order. In text use ref. numbers in brackets. When giving more than 1 reference in one bracket, use numerical order.
Click here to download the Reference Manager output style file for EIR. After download, save the file in the output styles subfolder of the Reference Manager main program folder (e.g. C:\Program files\RM10\Styles).

Send manuscript to or one of the associate editors. Please use e-mail for all communications including manuscript submission (word or pdf-file) if possible and paste "EIR" in the subject field of your mailing program.

Please note, there is a Submission Fee of $300 for each article submitted to EIR.

For further information, please contact the editorial board.